Key Performance Indicators

Project Team

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  • Lead Developer and KPI Design: Bryan Alvarado (Point of Contact)
    Information Technology Consultant and System Developer
  • Technology Adoption and Data Analysis: Max Tsai, Innovation Architect

Sample Dashboards

Current State

Fresno State Technology Services monitors and assesses hundreds of metrics to ensure our systems and processes are working as efficiently and effectively as possible to meet the needs of campus.

Main purposes for IT metrics:

A: Provide transparency into IT
B: Aid setting direction for IT
C: Drive performance of IT
D: Communicate the business value of IT.

Per the CIO and Director of Infrastructure and Systems, the Innovation and Digital Infrastructure teams have started to explore establishing a KPI system for Technology Services in with the area of Client Services in:

  • KPI for Support Service for each division (Networks, Desktop Services, and ITL team):
    • Cherwell : Incidents Closed per Month {service area}
    • Cherwell : Tasks Closed per Month by {service area}
    • Cherwell : Tasks Closed after 30 Days by {team}
    • Cherwell : Average Time per Task by {team}
    • Cherwell : {team} – User Error
  • KPI for System Deployment (JAMF and SCCM):
    • Status / Status over Time of AD Binding
    • Status/ Status over Time of Master Password (JAMF only)
    • Status / Status over Time of Encryption
    • Status / Status over Time Computers with {antivirus}
  • KPI for Business Partner
    • Cherwell : Number of Service Consultation Request
    • Cherwell : Number of Infrastructure Tickets
  • KPI for Computer Inventory
    • Cherwell : Computer Vendor
    • Cherwell : Manufacturer
    • Cherwell : Tracked By AMT
  • KPI for System Status (Zabbix) — Work In Progress

Future Projects

With the success of this project, we will continue extend the implementation of the KPI and Data Integration to campus-wide deployment in other areas.

Technology Adoption

  • Python
  • Mongo DB
  • Redash 2.0.0 for Dashboard

Data Sources:

  • Ticketing System – Cherwell