Internet of Things

Innovation Opportunity & Challenges

Joining the Enterprise program of AWS IoT Buttons gave Fresno State a great innovation opportunity to explore new creative mechanisms of improving the current campus technology support service and to prepare the campus for deploying thousands of IoT smart devices in near future.

  • Explore IoT: Technology Domains

As of 2016, the vision of the Internet of things has evolved due to a convergence of multiple technologies, including ubiquitous wireless communication, real-time analytics, machine learning, commodity sensors, and embedded systems.

  • IoT Readiness Assessment
    • Infrastructure (for MTC/M2M)
    • Device Management (and Security)
    • Service Architecture & Cloud
    • Big Data and Analytics
  • Establish a campus IoT Framework of
    • solution design
    • technology selection guidelines
    • full scope of infrastructure support
    • device management
    • security policies
    • user support and training
    • the best practices

AWS IoT Enterprise Buttons Pilot

The AWS IoT Enterprise Button infrastructure has given Fresno State many possibilities to use technology to innovate processes throughout various parts of the university.  While only just beginning to explore the Internet of Things with AWS Cloud technologies, we are already able to provide students, faculty, and staff with increased levels of service and support with a simple touch of a button.

Below is a quick video highlighting the applications of how we take advantage of the AWS IoT Enterprise Buttons:

How it works?

Technical Design and Implementation

– The complete initlal Project Proposal (01/20/2017)

Pilot / Experiments

Visit IoT Experience at Fresno State Google Site for more 
pilot project information and updates.

Project Team Members

Orlando Leon, Executive Sponsor
Max Tsai, Project Lead / Innovation Architect
Jonathan Castro, Frontend Design
Victoria Fall, Mobile App Developer